Saturday, January 20, 2007

Italian Cypresses

On a foggy cold morning the boys decided they wanted to explore the north fence line near the road,... this is where we have a long line of Italian Cypresses, someday they should be pretty spectacular, now they are just little guys. We were not too comfortable with the road proximity, even though there is a fence, so we leashed them up, then let them run around. The leashes slow them down a bit and make it much easier to catch them if necessary. Typically, the leashes act as toys, one brother chasing the leash of the other and holding onto it.

The leashed brothers run,...

Tanj goes on ahead,
while Uschi strolls along

at his own pace.

T investigates a Cypress

Les keeps warm.

While Uschi finds the pond/bioswales
overflow drainage ditch,

and thinks he needs to check out the other side.

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