Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Foggy Kennel

Before and after the boys frolic "outside" in their big yard, they play in their kennel. The ice cold fog was blanketing the valley, but our fearless adventurers were not deterred.

Tanjiro and

Uschi cruise their kennel,
being sure to get their
toes in all the mud they can can find.

Then U and I head out for a
fresh load of kennel litter.

The boys help
with the delivery and placement.

Daaad, I can help more,...

Back in the kennel

Uschi is ready to climb, but

Tanj gets there first,

and tests his giant sisle scratching post.

Then climbs the ramp to

his perch. ... Meanwhile,

Uschi is at the other end of the kennel

on his perch getting moouschi.

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