Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Mowie II

The new mower has groomed the trails to a neat, Bengal cat
appropriate height, and is parked and off, safe for the boys to visit.

Vladi is first on the scene, he's cautiously optimistic that
this is a new friend.

A quick sniff or two, and...

...Vladi scampers up to enjoy the view.

V likes to be high, but there are taller trees to climb,
so he doesn't linger.

Tanji is next, he does a quick prowl...

...and then its tail-wiggling payback for scaring him yesterday.

Last, but not least, Uschi pays a visit.

Hey, this smells pretty good.

After just a few minutes time, all three boys are investigating
their fresh runways.

And we can watch the fun in elevated comfort.


silvia said...

price... ehm, "viewless"!!!

mcat said...

What!? You didn't get the recumbent model? Hmph ! loved the signature from the boyz !!