Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Anger Management

Tanji is a ball of energy. He often wants to play when the rest of the family is sleeping or doing other things. Uschi has become an expert at finding quiet places around the house to elude his "Ener-T" brother. This gets Tanji a bit annoyed, after all he is a BENGAL, and he wants to beat something up a little. Luckily Tanj takes out all of this extra energy by hunting in the kennel and attacking his toys, especially the "kick-pickle" tube of socks...

Why isn't anyone playing with me?

This kick is for Uschi, this one is for Dad,
and this one is for Mom....

and a little bite for all the birdies
that keep flying away when I
just want to play with them!

We slowly pull the other end of
the kick-pickle away from Tanj...

He just keeps on kicking...

This is a cat with some issues.

Give me that back!


Tanj is running out of energy and
the kicking turns to hugging.

Tanj is all smiles again:
"I love my family!"

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Go Tanji! How beautiful you are when you are angery! Anyone know where I can get a human sized "kick-pickle"?