Saturday, May 02, 2009

Random Uschi

Enjoying the sun in the greening spring grass.

Steppin' out.

Climbing over drain-tile,...

To stand on a covered Elec-Trak bucket loader,...


Disappearing into the woods.

Posing on the windshield.

Posing on the Elec-Trak.
(behind the plywood)

This "tree" feels strange.

Investigating a big vermin hole.


Sitting in the late day sun.

Checking out a group of

"specimen" trees,...

And local vermin.

I nice stretch,... before

"I'm ready to go home now."
(sitting by the kennel door)

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Unknown said...

That "singing" duet photo is adorable!

Katie said...

What a jam-packed day full of adventure! The boys are very lucky to have such an expanse to experience safely.