Thursday, July 23, 2009

New Bike Saddle

I have been having "Lavs-saddle interface issues" this year,
so I've tired many different saddles this year (six so far).
My most recent is a pretty radical design/concept
from ISM (Road version). This one has about 3cm of the
nose cut off and a very large space in the middle.
We will see how this one works.

"What the heck is that,...?"

"What do you think Uschi ?"

"I'm not sure about this,..."

"Interesting design,..."

"This is strange,..."

"It looks like it might work well."

(Update, After a few weeks of using the ISM Road model, I've had none of the issues I was experiencing, saddle sores. This Road model is a noticeably wider at the "nose" than the other saddles I've used (including "womens" specific saddles), and also harder, even though it is pretty padded. I experienced bruising on my sit bones the first week or so, as pressure is directed onto the sit bones, as designed. Once I got over this, I've had no issues since. I had to tilt the nose down a fraction and although it is about 3cm shorter, I had to move it forward a bit so the nose is only about 1.5cm back at the front from my other saddles, i.e. not a full 3cm back. I ride 99.9% of the time in aero,... but when I'm not in aero on this saddle it feels "strange", maybe because of the width??,... but for my needs, so far so good.)

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Anonymous said...

mmmm hmmm -- that's a seat only a (dedicated)cyclist could love -maxcat

Megan said...

I have had many saddle problems this year as well... Most of the "female-specific" saddles are terrible for me, and I finally settle on the Specialized Phenom SL. My husband swears by the Selle SMP saddles. They have a radical design with a dropped nose and large cutout area. Good luck with your search... saddle sores are the worst!

Tanj,Uschi&Vladi said...

I've tried the SMP saddle, it is too narrow for my sit bones,... luckily my friend had one I could try while he was in France for the Tour TT start!!! >;-) I typically find that "womens" specific saddles work well for me because they are a fraction wider,... I've got the ISM Road installed on my TitanFlex, it is wider than my other saddles and a bit harder but so far, none of the issues I was having, raw spots. I had a bit of bruising the first week due to the width, increased direct pressure on the sit bones, etc. I appear to be over that now. Thanks for the info. I'm going to give it a bunch more rides before I get a second one for the Calfee.