Saturday, August 29, 2009

Cat Lady

Lesley just came home with a funny story / image,...

First of all we are almost never out "late"
as we prefer not to, and rarely have the need to,
drive after dark when all the little critters
are out crossing the roads,..

Anyway,... she stopped at the grocery store
after 9pm on a Saturday night,...

She was standing in a long very slow moving
checkout line, which consisted of guys buying beer.

She had two pints of ice cream,
a box of cookies, and two bags of cat food.

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Bengal Lady said...

Sounds official - "Cat Lady"!!

Pam said...

Been there, done that!!!
Pam, Kinny, Tessa and big Sam

MainecoonMa said...

Boy your cats ARE really spoiled to have 2 pints of ice cream and a box of cookies between them>>>thats 1 for ea cat ;) And all of that on top of cat food LOL! BTW, what brand do you guys buy for the Bengals???