Monday, November 16, 2009

Moms Get No Respect

Today Mark was working late, so I thought I'd have fun
with the boys and take them for a walk, one by one.

Big mistake.

Vladi was running around the house like a crazy kitten,
so I decided to take him out first. I snuck his leash on and
we headed outside as quietly as possible to not alert his brothers.

Vladi saw the birds at the feeder and took off
while I was still holding his leash, and "POP"
the already damaged clasp on his harness opened and
Vladi climbed the house right up to the roof.

Usually Vladi doesn't get far up the roof, his nails
slip on the metal and he gets scared.
But today, he was ready to go...

What's this?

Oh, this is interesting too!

Meanwhile, I'm circling the house putting chairs around
the perimeter so I can stand on them and help him down
(because I'm not as tall as Mark).

Vladi's guilty look tells me he's not coming down any time soon.

Vladi explores the entire roof...

Just out of my reach.

and decides that he likes the peak the best.

I've been dragging over everything I can possibly stand on:
a ladder, a garbage can, and decide the picnic bench is the easiest.

This has woken up T & U, and they are watching from the kennel.

This is so unfair.

Vladi was up there for at least a half hour...

His body language started to show
that we wanted to come down.
Of course he didn't want help from me.

Someone needs a nap.

Vladi is crying - so sad!

"Maybe I'll just jump down here..."

Why is Mom waving and yelling at me?

Finally Vladi came to me for help,
but as soon as I put him on the ground,
he got hissy and ran around at high speed,
it took me another fifteen minutes to catch him,
and then he ran home in a very foul mood.

One cat down, two to go.

All of the roof activity had agitated Tanji,
so when I picked him up to go out, he kicked me,
and instantly knew that was a mistake.

"I'm a very bad boy."

Two cats down, one cat to go.

Uschi, well my only view of Uschi was his rear-end
running away from me...

There he goes...

(How does he run so fast with the
leash wrapped around his legs??)

Come back here, Uschi!

I was "too close," and Uschi's tail got all fluffy.

There he goes again.

After a while, I had enough "fun" and took
my growling swirl back home.

Just wait until their Dad gets home,
he's going to hear about this (and laugh).

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MainecoonMa said...

When daddy's away, the cats will play LOL! Boy did they try to run mom ragged huh? Ever want to set up a video camera to see what they do when we're @work, I know I have and bet it would be so entertaining to watch :)