Thursday, July 01, 2010

Quiet "Singing"

So far, we have been unsuccessful in
capturing Uschi's loud "singing",...

This is just him quietly "singing."
He does this on and off for hours on end.

(click the image to play the video)

This is what he does when I get close to him,...
"Daaad, I've got this wheel,...
Daaaad, did you see meeee?

(click the image to play the video)

Uschi is so "special," that when we
played the videos to confirm that they
worked,... he went looking for
the intruder,...


Maybe he was wondering where the
melodious voice was coming from.

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MainecoonMa said...

That was great, I turned the speakers up and the M's went nuts looking for the 'intruder'. But it was only Uschi thousands of miles away in Washington. I will have to see if I can tape the M's for your boys to hear. Thanks for sharing, and ROCK ON W/YOUR BAD SELF USH!!

Pam said...

It was great! Kinny came runing and was talking to the speakers. Everytime Uschi would talk, Kinney would answer. Tessa wasn't so sure which opposite of the way things normally run in our house,
Pam ;-)

Sam and Lila's mom said...

Bravo, Uschi, bravo!! I've wondered what kind of noises he made that have prompted you to wear earplugs at night. The sound from the first video caught Sam's attention but he showed no interest in the second one. (Lila slept through both of them.) Sam sings out the windows of our house when they're open even though there appears to be no one out there to hear him. And there are multiple tones and volumes in his singing voice.