Monday, July 23, 2012

Snake! I mean SNAKE!

Today on our walk, Tanji and I were circling the muddy perimeter of the West pond.  All of a sudden, I realized Tanji was walking within inches of a large, let's say "mud-colored" coiled snake.  He didn't see it and walked right past, heading off on another trail.  I ran back to the house to get a camera...

I am all happy with our max two foot long skinny garter snakes,
this guy is closer to a meter and thicker.  Hmmmm??!

Rubber Boa? but the head, red eyes, and tail don't look right,...?

To get used to garter snakes,
I used to sit next to them in the garden,
after a while they were less scary.
So I figured I'd try it with this snake...
Nope, that didn't work, sure he/she is a beauty, but
I spent the whole time wondering how fast it could get to me,
the snake slightly puffed and uncoiled, letting me know who was boss.

So I slowly retreated to get a camera with a zoom lens.

When I got back, the snake was gone from the pond,
probably hiding with me in the tall grass.

Every cat for himself!!!  Let's just leave that pond alone for a while.

Edited 7/31: The snake is a "racer" (Coluber contrictor mormonii)


silvia said...

wow, what a fascinating - and at the same time threatening - encounter! really a beautiful animal, the body color is gorgeous.

if it's a rubber boa then basically no danger for you or the cat boyz... but caution is always the safer option!

wonder if you'll meet him/her again?

Kimmy said...

Impressive looking snake!

Brian Michael Graber said...

It is a Western Yellow-Bellied Racer. Beautiful and harmless.