Monday, June 17, 2013

Silver Falls State Park

Its summer break between classes and
we headed to Silver Falls State Park.

There are several waterfalls, including the gorgeous South Falls.

The surrounding park is a temperate rainforest,
so this has the look and feel of a Hawaiian waterfall.

Its all pretty magnificent and close to home.

About a mile down the trail is the Lower South Falls.
You can walk behind these waterfalls (and two others).

Its like being in a loud and dizzying cocoon
standing behind the massive wall of water.

Overwhelming and heart-pumping.

We're a bit happy and dazed.

The park is well developed with a nature store, lodge, and other facilities.
Of course we are reminded about the boys looking at these cuties.

A relaxing veggi-burger at the lodge
and snacks at the car, and we head to...

...another waterfall!  The trails and signage are immaculate.

The Upper North Falls has a different personality,
surrounded by fairytale woodlands.

Maybe its the euphoria from hiking the trails, but this area seems
like something right out of a Tolkien novel.

Rivulets of water, licorice ferns, and candy flowers are everywhere.
Its been an adventure, but as always we are happy to head home... be with our own woodland elves.

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Bonnie said...

The peek behind the waterfall is stunning, almost as wonderful as the gorgeous boy working off energy on the wheel. Go Uschi!