Friday, February 07, 2014


Its still snowing, and with over a foot of snow, the schools are all
closed, but of course we went in anyway (very carefully).

We got home early enough to clear a spot for the boys to explore.

It better not still be snowing...

Uschi is committed to only walking in snow that's paw-deep.

Another kitten is making these deep prints.  Its...

Vladi the explorer!

Vladi can barely keep his head above the snow.

So V is mainly keeping on the trail dug to the bird feeders.

Good job, Vladi!

Tanji is trying to get into the kennel, its locked on both sides
to protect the birds huddled under the eaves for warmth.

Uh guys, this is pretty deep!

With quite a bit of coaxing, Tanji tries the trail,
but his heart just isn't into it.

Can I go home, please?

Uschi is huddled on the only dry patch,
its time to get inside and warm up!

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