Sunday, May 18, 2014

New Lavender Garden

This year we found lavender plants growing
happily among the lupines and daisies.

So we figured a lavender garden would grow well close to the house.
24 little plants + a new bird bath + grass mulch = instant garden

Uschi is the first on the scene.

He saunters through the garden, U is our fearless investigator.

After a quick pose, U has better things to do.

Tanji is next, but this is as close as he wants to get.
T-grrrrss don't like change.

Now Vladi is gingerly walking across the springy soil.

Are there treats in here?

This is a little disappointing for Vladi,
but we are enjoying the show from our lawn chairs.

1 comment:

mcat said...

aaah, lovely- just wait til he finds there's bird flavored water in there, as tasty as pond water and easier to get to. maxcat