Friday, December 26, 2014

Cat's Meow

The boys got some lovely gifts from Santa.
The problem is that outside of wrapping paper and empty boxes,
they tend to get tired of most toys.
The only toys that have lasted are Tanji's glitter balls...

...and Uschi's pom-pom toy.
T and V are messing with it, and U is glowering nearby.

So we were only slightly optimistic that a wand zipping under
a cloth would hold their attention.

Let's get this open!
Vladi is always hopeful too.

Tanji instantly takes charge of the assemblage.

I think something is supposed to go here.
As soon as the batteries are added...

Tanji gets it.  Pounce!

Vladi doesn't get it, the zippy red "mouse" is hitting him repeatedly.

T shows hows its done, and V starts to pat-pat-pat.

Uschi has been playing hard-to-get, but he can't resist all the fun.

This is awesome!

Everyone is equidistant, with just enough pouncing territory.

Tanji is the best catcher, he's found his game.

Somehow a glitter ball has shown up too, this is T-heaven.

So there was a bit of hissy-fitting when we turned it off
and put it away for another day.

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