Thursday, September 04, 2008

Timberline Adventure

My Mom gave us a gift certificate to Timberline Lodge
on Mount Hood, for Christmas 2006!
Yes we're bad.

Yesterday we headed North to spend a night at the lodge.
After ~140miles and ~2:45 of driving we arrived.

The lodge sits right at the tree-line,
6000 feet above sea level.

We checked in, dropped our bags in the room,
and went right out to hike the trails.

Throwing snowballs at the base of Palmer Glacier.

Perching on one of the giant boulders,
which are well buried under many feet of
groomed "bunny slopes" during the winter.

Back at the lodge, we met more of the wildlife.
(Uschi would love to play with the
Golden Mantled Ground Squirrels!)

A heated pool with a view!

"Just like Mike"-eal Phelps.

We had a big dinner at the restaurant,
and headed back to the room...

A nice hideaway with squishy beds,
a view of Mount Jefferson to the South,
and western decor.
(creaky wood floors and knotty pine walls)

Building a fire for the evening.

In the morning we sat in the lobby for a while
staring at the mountaintop, then headed back home
to the boys. Predictably, they had missed us...

Uschi runs right to us. "How could you leave me?"
He is a purring, mushy mess.

Vladi looks slightly annoyed.
"What did you bring me?" ...
"Those aren't French fries!"
Sorry Vladi, these are acorns we collected at a rest stop.
Hopefully they will be our oak trees some day.

It is no big surprise that Tanji is the most perturbed.

He keeps a close eye on Les as she catches up on email.

Cuddling Les' foot, while I give him petties.

No matter where we go,
nothing beats being at home
with our happy boys.

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