Sunday, February 07, 2010

Skittish Uschi

Uschi has been very skittish since his birthday "celebration."
Today, he showed his first interest in going back outside for a walk.

The door is open,...

"Come on Uschi,..."

I'm not sure about this,...

It seems kind of scary out there,...

Don't rush me.

"Please leave the door open."
(We did)

Peeking under the door.

Keeping an eye out for danger.

Tentatively watching.

A quick peek around the corner,...

This is hard.

I'm really not sure about this.

Looking good.

"As long as I can still see dad."

"I think I'll just hang out here for today."

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Freya's Staff said...

Awwww, bless his heart! Poor little mite. I'm sure he'll come round with time....

MainecoonMa said...

I (Maizee) can relate somewhat to Uschi's balloon experience. I was gona do a post on it but had no pics.
A cpl months ago Maizee was playing in a larger Kohl's plastic bag and put her head thru a handle but of course her body couldn't fit thru. So she jumps off the bed to escape it but the handles still around her neck, she FREAKED! Around the house she soared, and this damn bag was flapping behind scaring her even more! They can fun a full circle in our house if all the doors are open, and did she ever..... I started to panic not knowing how I was gonna catch/save her. Finally she ran into my bedroom and hit dead end long enough for me to grab the bag>>>no chance of catching HER as she was flailing every which way. I freed her from the MONSTER BAG and she was startled for quite a bit after. She still is leery of plastic bags & will even run if she hears one being 'crunched'. It WAS an event I almost wish I had captured...poor Maiz.
Not that her scare even compared to poor Usch, I bet that water was COLD and am amazed he swam like he did. Cats are like kids, always getting into scrapes :)