Monday, February 01, 2010

Roof Repair Assistants

It doesn't seem like our bathroom exhaust fan is living
up to its advertised quality. There is flow, but
it seems like it should be doing more. I noticed that
the roof vent was full of wasp nests so, during yesterday's
family walk, I leaned the long fruit ladder against the
roof, at an exaggerated angle, and went up to clear it out.

In a matter of about one minute,...

Vladi came over the peak to lend a paw,...

"Hey Dad,... this capped vent doesn't look like it is up to code,..."

"Vladi don't rub on that,.... I 'fixed' it"
i.e. it might fall off. >;-)

"Hey what is that?"

Uschi was headed up the ladder.

"Hi guys what is going on?"

Uschi safely transitioned to the roof and
Vladi headed down the ladder.

"This is cool..."

No problem.

"This is fun!"

Vladi tried to head straight up the kennel
screen but couldn't make it over the rain-gutter.
(He went around and came back up)

While, Uschi explored.

Brothers having fun.

"Hey DAAD,... this looks cobbed together also!"
(Remnants from a poorly built home-made solar
HW system that was falling down when we moved in.

At least one thing on the roof looks good.

"DAAAD, more code violations down here,..."

"I don't want anything to do with all that,..."

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Roof Leaks said...

What made me impressive in the snaps are the cats which are visible in the post.

Liquid Roof said...

These cats are really very beautiful and impressive one.