Sunday, January 31, 2010

Fall Tree Trimming

Right before my bike accident last fall, we did a "little" tree trimming, removing some of the ash trees that struggle to grow in our soil. Les found some photos of the clean-up...

It was a warm day and Tanji lounged in the window
to the kennel, when something got his attention...

Vladi hears something too, and perches on the window.

Off in the distance, I'm dragging trees towards
the compost pile.

The ash trees never grew well.

The spotted boys are perching for a better view.

"Did you see that?"

T and V are bouncing off all of the posts,
and running between the kennel and the house.

Tanji is meowing for attention...

A blade of grass is an instant toy...


Vladi watches the T-craziness from a safe distance.

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