Wednesday, January 27, 2010

More Dragonfly, Please

The whole family heads home after a walk. Tanji is already back inside, he sometimes does his rounds and decides he's done for the day (after an hour or so of exploring). We're using the dragonfly to lure Uschi and Vladi home...

Vladi will go anywhere his dragonfly goes.

"Fork it over, Dad."

Uschi is right there too,

"Nooo,... It's mine!"

The boys are tired and a bit grouchy,
Uschi is hissing and growling, but no one believes it.

Tanji is watching from his kennel perch.

Here you go, Tanji.

Vladi watches intently, and since he has to
share his dragonfly with two brothers,
he decides to turn up the intensity,...

He climbs on the roof to pounce on his prey.

That's probably not a good idea,
its time for the dragonfly to go home.

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