Sunday, October 31, 2010

Revenge Of The Crickets

It is Halloween and the week we cover insects in our biology class.

We brought the crickets home with us to keep them healthy
and happy. The last time we brought crickets home, Uschi was
still traumatized by the "Hello Kitty Incident" and the sound
of dozens of crickets moving and chirping was super-scary.
So we wondered what would happen this time around...

Vladi is first on the scene, he finds the crickets fascinating.

This bag is talking to me!

Are you my new friends?

Vladi is also keeping an eye on the wrapped Halloween
custard treat, a gift for "him" from his Grandmeow.

Tanji is next, checking out his potential prey.

This brings out big brave Uschi.

Oooh, little buggies.

How come they have cat food in their bowl?
(crickets love it)

Let me help!

Pouring in the crickets.

One tank done.

And then the second tank. The crickets are already chirping.

Are you sure you're not my friends?

Uschi is keeping a close eye on the tanks.

Hmmm, maybe we better move them somewhere safer
(for the crickets).

Happy Halloween!

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Freya's Staff said...

I bet they'd love to go cricket hunting!

Bengal Lady said...

Crickets - that would absolutely be a "TREAT".

Bonnie said...

"Oooooh, crickets are just like superballs, only crunchier!" --Remy

MainecoonMa said...

I SOOOO know how Crickets like cat food>>>I was watching TV once & kept hearing "crunch crunch crunch" but my cat was no where near his food, I finally got up & checked and it was a CRICKET munching on a piece of cat food spilled on the floor. HAHAHA, I had to put him outside cuz he was just to loud of an eater....