Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Snow Bengals

Winter weather has arrived.

Icicles hanging from the roofs.

I want to come out and play.

Snow is fun.




T-grrr headed out to explore,...

After walking on the thinly frozen pond,
and having his back feet break through,...
he headed home.

After a quick evaluation and dry off,...

Long-legged T

Headed back out,...

Under close supervision.

Kaaaatyyyy, are you warm in there?

My nose is getting cold.


Through the woods and home for T.

Vladi was enjoying the snow.

How could we choose?

I don't know,...

Our little snow explored.


Vladi zoomed,...

We could tell that his trajectory was
towards the pond, so we ran after him.

V didn't even break stride as he,...

Ran across the pond,...!!!!

His front legs and body stayed on top but his
back feet broke though with ever step.

Bad Bengie !!!,... I didn't want to have to
jump in the pond again, but I was ready.

Vladi went home.


Here I come,...

Everyone is inside,... warming up and


Only our foot prints stayed outside.

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Bonnie said...

Excellent photos of the snow boys' adventures, especially the shots of the lanky lovely, Tanji.

Anonymous said...

My cats hate snow, but they are Texas kitties, so they would. They don't mind the rain, however. I can't count the times they come in from the rain to love on me while they are all wet. I even have permanent muddy paw print stains on my sheets.

Happy Thanksgiving,

Bengal Lady said...

Beautiful pictures and the snow is delightful - although it can stay up there.

MainecoonMa said...

Does Katy pretty much stay in the shed all winter, where does she potty & get exercise...just curious??
The boys look right @home out in the snow, just like wild Bengals MOL!
GREAT pics!

Tanj,Uschi&Vladi said...

Our sheets have muddy T-prints on them also,... we also have a mud stripe on the carpet in front of their kennel door. Towels and such just turn into toys. >;-)

Katy - She seems to hunker down in the well-house,... she has 22-23hrs a day that she can be out and about without the boys,... whenever she hears me, she runs back into the well-house.