Friday, November 26, 2010

Thanksgiving Fun

Thanksgiving morning we were cleaning
the house and cooking food, so
the boys knew something was up...

Its a visit from Grandmeow!

Vladi is the first to say hello...

Showing off "his" new scratching box.

Back up for some petties. What a mush!

After a big meal, the whole family heads out for a walk.

Tanji is running around at full speed,
Vladi has already gone home for his turkey dinner,
and Uschi is following me around, chirping and happy.

Later we head to Les' Mom's house to set up the Christmas tree.
This was our tree in our first house, but it went unused
in our straw-bale, cat-infested, one-room home
until Les' Mom moved close by.

The lights are up, now its time to put on the ornaments.

We're giggling thinking about all of the fun the boys
would have enjoying this tree up close.

Finishing the top of the tree...

And the decorations underneath.

Its time to get ready for Santa!

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