Thursday, March 24, 2011

Guilt Shopping Trip

Someone seems to be feeling a bit better.

This morning was off to a rough start when Vladi ate and then threw up his medication. The poor little guy was rough around the edges. His digestive tract is already unsettled and the medication seemed to be exacerbating the problem. We had to regroup and come up with a new plan to get him past the Giardia parasites. Luckily just as we were scrambling for ideas, the boys' Aunt Kelli wrote with suggestions to check for and maintain hydration, as well as techniques for sneaking the medicine into food. We decided to focus on getting Vladi back hydrated and his digestive system as healthy as possible, so he may tolerate the medicine better. We called the Veterinary office to reduce the medication from two to one for now, and also may try gel caps of the Metronidazole.

The guilt has definitely set in a bit, we know there are risks drinking from pond water (after all, we don't do it ourselves), but we are certainly not going to deny Vladi water since we rarely see him drinking from the water bowls, fountain, or bathtub. He could have had the infection for some time before we saw the symptoms. After Vladi settled down to nap, we went on a guilt-induced shopping spree and returned home with the goodies...

What did you get us?

We were glad to see Vladi eagerly leap in the grocery bag,
waiting for Tanji to jump on him.

Instead Tanji just gives him a smooch.

Aunt Kelli suggested turkey baby food as a way to sneak medicine
(but not too much to avoid diarrhea), and as soon as
Les smooths a bit of food on her fingers, it is a big hit.

Gimmee. NOW!

A bit of medication is stirred on each plate with the baby food
(we don't have the gel caps to try yet).

Yes, please.

Vladi and Tanji clean their plates.

Uschi is "in it to win it" too.

What else did you get us?

Uschi chatters at the new DaBird toys.
He can mangle one of these in under 15 minutes.

Uschi also "finds" the new scratching boxes Les is unwrapping.

These are MINE!

Whoa, Vladi is feeling a little feistier than we thought!

Taking out his frustrations on the scratching box

("can't believe they took me to the VET...grumble, grumble
...keep giving me medicine...scratch, scratch scratch").

Tanji wants to play too.

Bad idea, Vladi is not in a sharing mood.

I'm the sick baby, these are all mine.

After a while Vladi loses interest and settles down
in the window to watch the birdies outside.

Almost immediately, Tanji claims one scratching box...

...and Uschi claims the other.

Uh-oh, someone isn't the center of attention today,
time to pet the Uschi-belly.

Later, Vladi was feeling up for a pond-free walk outside
with the family (he took it easy with no running), napped,
ate some dry food (Royal Canin for sensitive stomachs),
napped some more (in Les' lap!), and even
took a few jumps at the new daBird toy.

Hopefully he'll feel even better tomorrow!

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bengalgirl said...

If you don't already have one, I highly recommend buying a cat fountain for the boys. Bengals like water more to play in than drink and it is good to get more fluids in, especially for the boys. The one I like the best right now is either the ceramic or stainless steel one by Pioneer Pets.

Tanj,Uschi&Vladi said...

The boys have a fountain, various sized and shaped bowls, the tub, and outside sources of water. They regularly have wet paws from playing in the water,... they like to let us know their paws are wet,... and muddy. >;-)

Bengal Lady said...

Oh, good, I am glad to see the baby food was a hit. It is a more passive way to sneak it into them without being the "bad guy". Get well soon, Vladi!!

Deven said...

So glad to hear Vladi seems to be more active and starting to feel better. Good luck with the medicine delivery. I just hate to see a sick kitty.