Friday, March 25, 2011

Silver Lining

Today was a beautiful early spring day:
sun, rain, sun, hail, and sun again.
Every time the sun peaked out from behind the clouds,
Tanji and Vladi ran around the house begging to go out.
Maybe the medication is working?

Even though it was raining, all three boys had fun outside,
even Vladi who is usually a fair weather kitty.

The silver lining of chasing the boys around
trying to give them medications,...
all three are now even mushier than usual.

Tanji is perched right between us.

Vladi is snuggled on Les' lap.

This doesn't happen very often, our boys
are within-reach cats, not lap-cats.

But during the V-E-T trip Vladi curled up in Les' lap
and apparently it wasn't so bad.

Ohhh, belly pets!

Uschi acts like he wants to be alone
on the other arm of the couch,

But even Mr. Fluff-n-Stuff really wants...

To be close by for his petties.

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