Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Star Light, Star Bright

Two stars pose for the camera.

Les has been eagerly awaiting a group of custom stars
from LittleLoveLetterArts. Yesterday they arrived...

The mailman came while we were walking the boys
in the sunshine.

Uschi knows this must be for him...

He has been especially focused on Les' stars lately
Eyes up here, Uschi!

Hard at work unpacking the goodies.

Uschi appreciates pretty things.

Tanji shows up to see what all the excitement is about.
Uschi: Hiiiissssssssgrrrwwwwwllllllllllll

Hey, I get to play too!

Someone else is coming...

Its Mr. Starlight himself...

Mush, mush, mush.

Vladi won't lick his brothers, but he will lick stars.

Meanwhile, Uschi is getting a little crazed.

That's MY star!

Check out the background, Uschi has climbed
the tree to get closer to "his" star.

Tanji has been patiently waiting to sniff a star of his own.

There you are Tanji, plenty of glitter to go around.

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Deven said...

Each one a star in his own right!

Silvia said...

bright post, bright cat brothers!
i'm kind of dazzled ;-)