Sunday, May 20, 2012

New Shoes

In this household we are not big shoe shoppers,
shoes come by mail and infrequently.

A new pair of Tevas, they have changed a lot in 20 years!

Everything that comes in the mail is "for Uschi"...

 So U gets a little hissy when Tanji comes to sniff the shoes
(T looks so sad, that's his favorite Uschi!)

Don't worry Usch, you can have the boxes...

Well, maybe not.

Apparently Tanji can't have it either.

All new shoes have to pass the take-the-boys-for-a-walk test...

The shoes keep up with Tanji... check!

 The shoes can stand still for a long time while
Vladi sniffs things and rolls in the dirt...check!

The shoes look good enough to be seen with Uschi...check!

These shoes are keepers (and the boxes are too damaged
to send them back anyway:)

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