Monday, October 22, 2012

"New" House

For years, the whole time our boys have been with us, we have had our one-room house in the same arrangement. Friday we got a bee in our bonnet and moved all of the furniture around...

The couch was up against the wall, with a shelf behind for drinks,
and a place for Bengal cats to run and dunk their paws.

First, we cleared the center of the room, and flipped the table
around. The boys immediately knew something was up,
and Tanji headed right out to the kennel.

Uschi and Vladi are not as disturbed by change, and "helped" us
move the furniture and clean up the amazing variety of things that
had fallen between the cushions (silverware, flyswatters, etc.).

Why is the bike in the kitchen?
Don't worry Vladi, its heading back to the living room...

...with a better view of the TV (motivation for exercise).
Uschi settles right in, Vladi surveys his new domain.

The table butts up against an arm of the couch, so we can work,
or I can paint there, and still be part of the fun.

Vladi is getting comfy, and Tanji has snuck back inside,
although he is hiding under the ottoman.

So we put the basket on the couch and Tanji settles right in.

Uschi finds a place close to his Daaaaaaaaaddddddddd.

Uschi is so calm, he's napping right out in the open.

Tanji and Vladi have a bit more energy and are still exploring.

Its amazing how moving a few pieces of furniture
can make a house seem new again!


silvia said...

great job! what's up next?
and i look forward to discover your new drawings/paintings which will arise from the new working-table spot. :)

Deven said...

It's always a good thing to have done. Makes you wonder why you didn't do it sooner!