Saturday, April 26, 2008

Waiting for Walkies

"I'm Ready!"

Now that the days are longer, we sometimes fit in a power-nap after coming home from work. Usually Uschi naps near me, Tanji naps near Les, and Vladi sleeps in the closet (his choice!). When it gets close to the time we typically take the boys out for their evening walk, Tanji's internal alarm goes off, and he plunks down onto the floor, gives a good stretch, and heads out to the kennel to use the outside "facilities." This often triggers Vladi to wake up and move to where he can keep an eye on us. Uschi ignores all of this and keeps sleeping until we start shaking the harnesses and leashes. Sometimes it gets a bit later, and Vladi becomes a purring and kneading machine, visiting Les while she is napping. A subtle hint that we have responsibilities to fulfill.

Vladi has moved to the bed, and is waiting "patiently"...

Little dagger-nails kneading Les' arm are a good wake-up call.

Its time for walkies boys!

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

That's an incredible photo of both yr subjects -- the green suits V to a T and the pinks are super on Les... wonderful. maxcat