Thursday, July 31, 2008

Window Dressing

The boys have a window in the bathroom without a screen that they can use to jump into and out of their kennel. Tanji and Vladi think this is great fun, and use the window opening often during the day. At night we close that window and open a screened window to try to keep out the large numbers of moths that come to visit. Last week when we went to brush our teeth we noticed that Vladi had learned a new trick, perching on the tiny outer windowsill...

Vladi is sitting outside the window,
staring at nothing, and happy as can be.
That's our boy!

Are you guys laughing at me?

Someone is approaching from the inside,
and Vladi looks a little annoyed...

Its Tanji wanting to play too.

Vladi doesn't want company and jumps down,
but its just a little while later and...

Vladi is back on his new perch.

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Anonymous said...

photo no. 4 is so cool the way u can see the top of the ears!!!

Pam said...

With the darkness, Vladi favors a snow leopard. Cool!
Do your boys ever have a little diarrhea? I have heard that some Bengals seems to have sensitive systems, Tessa has had it this week and I am not sure why? Maybe the grass she nibbles on? She is still very active and into everything. It's not bad, but maybe a trip to the vet is needed?
Pam, Kinny and little Tessa

Tanj,Uschi&Vladi said...

YES, diarrhea is very common with Bengals (Hybrids). All of our boys have had it, Tanji had it for a long time when he was little.

You just want to watch their hydration. If they still seem active, happy, and are drinking/eating, it probably does not require a VET visit. If they start acting different then I would head to the VET ASAP.

The boys still do have diarrha occasionally, but not as often.

Tanji and Vladi use to get "poo-foot" all the time when they were little b/c they would accidentally step in the diarrhea,... so we would have to intercept him every time he headed to the litter box, with wet wash-cloths.

Pam said...

Still a little bit if diarrhea this morning but Tessa is acting normal, active as ever, there no bug safe from her! You don't change the boys diet or do anything different?
Kinny and Tessa

Tanj,Uschi&Vladi said...

We did not change their diet. We felt that consistency was going to be the best option for them. When they were little they got Royal Canin Kitten chow,... now they always have 2-3 varieties of dry food out to eat. A bit of variety to distribute the flavors/nutrition and manufacturers. For breakfast and dinner the three boys split 1-2 cans of Fancy Feast.