Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Glass Houses

Les' parents visited with us last week and the boys really seemed to enjoy the company! Near the end of the trip, Les' Mom found a piece from her favorite Oregon glass artist. We put it on our dining room table to prepare to pack it to ship, and the boys helped out...

"What's this?"

Tanji takes a little sniff.

Vladi reaches out a gentle paw.

Uschi surveys his domain.

"Is this for me?"


The boys are so good, they investigate new things briefly
and then go play with their toys (and boxes, of course!).

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Black Cat said...

How good they are! I had a feeling that lovely glass was going to finish up in pieces, but no, they know the difference between what's theirs and what's not. Hardly surprising in such an intelligent breed:) xxx

Anonymous said...

The glass houses piece is just beautifull - not boring!!