Friday, June 19, 2009

Lavs & Uschi

Who is this purring, kneading mess?

Tanji is a total mush with Les and me
(though I can't hold him), and Vladi likes everyone.

Uschi, well Uschi mostly likes me.

C'mon Usch, let's go for a walk.

Out we go along the trails.

At first Uschi is walking right along, but after a while...

Uschi gets chauffeured.

Its one thing to be seen walking a cat (!!).
its something else to be carrying him around outside.

Uschi is smiling like crazy.

This is a comfy place to watch the birdies.

This soon degenerates into Uschi becoming a limp,
purring, kneading mess...

Totally embarrassing.

Oops, Les got too close and Uschi gave her a good hiss.

Now its time for Uschi the parrot...

Perching and kneading at the same time is an art.

Happy kitten.

Uschi tells me all about the fun he's having.

A happy moment together.

Oops, Les got too close again.

Uschi is getting tuckered out and its getting dark,
so its time to head for home.

We "negotiate" for a while and then...

Uschi sprints for home.
Its a long way, so soon...

I'm carrying him again,
all four paws are kneading the air.

This is the only way to travel.

"No Mom! I just want Dad!"

O.K. Usch, time to put your paws down...

"Do I have to?..."

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Anonymous said...

great lavs ! you guys even have the same smile ! (check that 7th frame) maxcat