Saturday, June 20, 2009

New Food & Water Dishes

This spring we decided to get the boys large food and water bowls for the boys, in case we take long trips (not that we do that often). As soon as we got home, Uschi was ready to see what we got him...

What's that? Is it for me? Gimmee!

We cleaned out the containers and put them on the
floor (with their matching placemats, of course).

Uschi is first on the scene as usual,
Tanji is next, but not too sure about all this.

Tanji's ears are way back, not a good sign.

Vladi slips in, he always lets his big
brothers check out new things first.

Tanji is back, but his raised paw signals
a lot of tentativeness towards the new toys.

Tanji reverts to his kitten-self: ears back,
puffy cheeks, all we need now is a little growling.

Luckily we bought replacement daBirds in case
the boys needed a distraction from their new dishes.

How about you, Vladi?

Vladi is totally pumped too (ears back, big eyes),
and decides to face the new dishes all by himself.

Are you my new friend?

The water bubbles every once in a while,
Vladi is trying to pinpoint the noise, so he waits...

and waits...

...and waits.

Vladi has a big smile. At least one of our
bengal boys like his new dishes!

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