Saturday, December 11, 2010

Colorful Day

Well now,...

That is a stylish Bengal walking and bird feeding outfit.

Uschi, do you want to walk with me?

Okay then,... you go that way.

Fine, I'll just go for a walk by myself then,...

Whaaat ?!? ... Meowme is getting away,...

Wait for meee!!!

On your six, Meowme.

T got side-tracked by the pond,... before

Heading home for dinner.

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Kimmy said...

It's great that they stay so close even without leashes on. I haven't braved the outdoors with my babies yet, except for from vehicle to building and vice versa, which hardly counts.

Tanj,Uschi&Vladi said...

First, they boys all went with their leashes for a long time,... sometimes they still drag their leash.

second, I installed a "deteratory" fence all the way around their 10acre yard,... they know the boundary,.. they could easily get past the 3' tall fence if they wanted to. But we have scolded them whenever they have shown real interest in the fence,... now they are scared of it.

third, we keep a close eye on them. and carry leashes,... so we can leash them up if necessary.