Friday, December 24, 2010

Vegas Christmas Lions

It rained the entire time we were in Vegas,
but there was plenty to do...

Even cloudy, the view from our Spa Tower room was amazing.

The swimming pools were closed, but the Bellagio fountains
put on a show every night.

Bellagio's atrium was full of people from all over the world,
gathering to enjoy and photograph the Christmas scenes.

Santa's reindeer reached up to the ceiling.

It was fun to be around so many people in the holiday spirit.

All of the hotels were dressed up with Christmas finery,
each one with its own unique flavor. We really liked the new
modern Aria hotel, starting with its massive bright lobby.

This is the Aria's Christmas tree.

The huge shiny ornaments are mesmerizing.

Les is posing with Aria's glass conifers, while sporting her
"lion-kin" purse from a 2003 stop at the MGM hotel.
(Las Vegas Marathon)

On our third rainy day we took a tram, stairs, escalators,
and elevators to reach the MGM's free lion habitat exhibit.

The lions live on a nearby ranch, and spend five hours
in the exhibit at a time. It is amazing to see so many
similar behaviors to our Bengal cat boys.

The lions tolerate their humans...

But we know who is really in charge (cats, of course).

The lions spend 18+ hours asleep each day.

Awake for a bit of licking...


And back to sleep on the other side.

During the few waking hours, its time to play.

Pat, pat, pat.

Chewing feels good on the gums.

Big kneading paws making biscuits.

Oooh, that smells delicious.

Big cats can be ferocious...

And they have a playful side too.

Time for another nap.

Back home this Christmas Eve,
we are enjoying our own little lions.

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