Thursday, December 23, 2010

Vegas Cats

Today we returned from a three-day trip to Las Vegas. We're not big travelers, because we have a pretty cozy life with our three Bengal brothers, its been at least two years since we've been anywhere for more than a day. But we have always thought Vegas might be fun at Christmas-time, we needed an "enforced" break from work, and it was an opportunity to take a trip with June (Les' Mom), who had never been to Vegas.

It was also a cool place to celebrate our 19th anniversary!

Although the boys stayed home under the watchful eye
of a good friend, we had reminders of them everywhere
we went, starting with the entry to our hotel, the Bellagio.

For Uschi, there were lions everywhere...

The massive MGM Uschi-lion...
(photos of their real lions are coming in tomorrow's blog)

Uschi outside of a restaurant...

and a roaring Uschi in a shop window.

Sleek and spotted Tanjis were everywhere too.

We see Tanji do this stretch every day.

Stalking Tanjis crept through stores.

A whole table of Tanjis.

But what about Vladi? He's not sphinx-like,

Not quite a white tiger,

Or a puma either.

Finally we found the display that reminded us the most of Vladi...

Big fluffy flower-covered polar bears!

This one looks just like Vladi rolling in the dirt.

It was a lot of fun, but of course we were eager
to get home to pet the real thing.

Uschi waiting at the kennel gate, ears back.
But his Daaaaddddd is home, and he quickly forgives us...

Could someone please fix my toy?

Vladi greets us in the hall, purring and talking.

Vladi even seems to be a good boy, licking Uschi (he's not really).

V-man shows us he's been keeping the litter boxes neat,
with everything buried just right.

But where's our Tanji?

Yep, hiding under the ottoman, totally pissed.

Les scoots him out from under there.

Checking out the "stinky" bags.

T calms down enough to scarf down some food
(look at that mess they made!)

But T is not quite happy with us yet,
he "subtly" indicates that a trip outside might help.
After over an hour of running, sniffing, and burning off steam,
everyone is happy again and ready to settle in for a nap.

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Bengal Lady said...

Vegas! That looks awesome. I am going to have to go.