Friday, April 29, 2011

Uschi's Royal Wedding

In honor of the royal wedding we recorded all
six hours and later in the day settled in with
Guinness beer and cake to watch the show.
(Yes we apparently have that kind of time.)

What we didn't count on was Uschi's excitement...

Singing steadily while the guests are arriving at Westminster Abbey.

Its the Queen's car arriving in the background,
and King Uschi in the foreground.

We're watching the wedding party arrive,
Uschi thinks we're watching him.

Katherine, the Duchess of Cambridge to be, (pre-marriage)
arrives at the church, and Uschi-Swirl the Marble of the Marsh
is trying to get our attention.

Look at me, Look at me, Look at me!

Luckily Uschi fell sound asleep so we could
enjoy the rest of the proceedings.

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1 comment:

Bengal Lady said...

Oh, I thought you were celebrating the birth of the boys' new nieces and nephews - all EIGHT of them!! They were born during the Royal Wedding, yes, I watched it as well - live.