Monday, May 29, 2006

Memorial Day

Show Cat

Sit ..... Good Boys!

Both of the boys have been having some digestive problems the past several days, so we are shifting their wet food from one brand to another (luckily they still seem to do well with their dry food). We have offered up some choices, and they already seem to have a favorite. Despite “bad belly,” they have been as wild as ever, running on the trails, sprinting in the kennel, and wrestling for hours. We have started to use a bit of bribery (small cat food treats) to get both to tolerate their carrier and Tanj to be picked-up. So basically, they have our training well underway.

Carrier training bribery - Turkey baby food

More bribery - please,... Now!

Car trip

The View

Tanj watching a Deer

Car brat

Helping dad watch the road

That's enough car time!!

Super Shiny

Royal Tanj

New Food Choice Inspection

Poppy boy - Uschi

Racoon Tail Tanj

Determined runner

New path excitement

More Trail Fun

Eucalyptus tree fun

Detour time

New ball

Glitter-ball boy

Happy Cat Salon - Manicure

Attentive Tanj

Glitter paws

Big Kittens - 16 weeks

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