Friday, May 26, 2006

One Month Pictures

Basket Boys

One month kitten update - Uschi and Tanj are amazing!!

The boys are really growing and seem to be glitterier every day! Both have been totally well-behaved, quick learners, eager to explore, perfect with the litterbox, and affectionate lapcats. There have been so many highlights: waking up to purring kitties, hearing them galloping across the room, ant-chasing, pouncing on each other in the grass, Tanj growling with his furry mouse, and Uschi posing anywhere he can.

We’ve started some serious “training” and the boys are quick as a whip! They are coming when called, playing fetch, and sitting when asked, although sometimes they still get distracted when trying these outside. We’ve made it pretty far on the leash walk, and may make it past the “kitty brick” stage.

Both boys love running on trails along side us (with harnesses, but no leashes), and we have already made it half a mile (all the way around the perimeter trail), no problem. Les and I walk along and they run by, jump off the trail into the tall grass and scurry around. We keep on walking past them, then in a few seconds … zoom they come running by again. To cute!!! It has been raining but they still want to go for walks even with the wet grass,… they get totally soaked when they head off trail,… not sure they actually like water,…

We have been going on family car trips and trips to the office. Tanji seems to be pretty calm as does Uschi but Uschi doesn’t stop meowing in the car. Monday we went and painted the TT lines at the top and bottom of Decker then came back along a gravel road,… that freaked them both out a bit.

Tanj is getting a little bit better at being picked up, and Uschi is a bit calmer in the car (just a bit!). They are so quick at picking things up, like fetch (especially Tanj), the cat door, coming when called, and climbing up (and down) from high perches. We’re going to have a hard time keeping up with them! Tanj is first to do most things successfully, but Uschi seems bolder and keeps them going. They are a really good team.

Last night they were playing up a storm and headed out into their outside kennel,… I turned on the light since we don’t think it is safe outside for them at night,… we watched from the window as they played in the mud and chased moths,… all of a sudden they came crashing into the door,… big pile-up at the cat door,… scramble, scramble, scramble,… bang,… bang,… then galloping across the room,…. Both staring back at the door,… I kept looking out the window,…

Then right along the edge of the lit area came waddling a skunk,… it just waddled along headed SE,… it didn’t seem to even notice the boys.

Sleepy Tanj

New relaxation spot

Evening Cats


Uschi watching the clothes go around

Watching Birds

Tanji on the trail

Tanji jumping for a toy

Tanjiro jumping for a toy

Tanjiro trying out a leash

The boyz outside

Uschi's first Decker climb

The boys wrestling

Tanjiro running on the wheel

Uschi on the picnic table

More wrestling

Playing is tough work

Oooo,... pet Uschi's belly

Uschi in tall grass

Les and Tanj in the sun

Tanji in the grass

Tanj in the car

Uschi "singing" in the car

Chase time

"Peek-A-Prize" Toy Box

Running Uschi

Nap time on high window perch.

Uschi & Tanj Full out

Laundry Bed

Mouse Boy


Ruffled Usch

Pet me -Uschi

Yin & Yang

Surprise Kiss

Uschi by the pond

Smiling Tanj

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