Thursday, June 28, 2007

Fancy Feast Case

Fancy Feast by-the-case

Once-upon-a-time the boys loved their gourmet wet cat foods; Evo, Nutro, Wellness - if it was expensive and from a specialty cat store, they wanted it. Then they slowly lost interest in these foods preferring only dry foods (Royal Canin and Natural Balance). When they lost quite a bit of weight over the winter, we decided to try wet/canned food from the supermarket, and the Fancy Feast Frenzy began. It doesn't matter what the flavor is, if its Fancy Feast, it disappears. They still only share one little can between them each day (eating mostly dry food), but both will sit like real gentlemen waiting for their dishes. We recently discovered that Fancy Feast comes in cases ...

Someone needs to open this. NOW !!

The boys help us unpack the case.

You can tell from their faces
that this is serious business.

Uschi waits patiently for his beef with gravy.

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feralone said...

Beautiful, beautiful cats! Do you think besides Fancy Feast (a favorite in this home since the dreaded pet food recall) they would also like a chance to win some toys?

Our website is looking for bloggers who love cats. We have a contest running on if you might be interested.

Anonymous said...

Our Lady's seen those cases of Fancy Feast, mostly at Costco and Sam's. We know it's unusual, but we actually don't care for Fancy Feast. Probably because most of their food has chunks and gravy. all we like is "loaf style" or, as the Lady calls it, "mush". We eat Innova Evo dry and canned, plus the Innova lite canned. Our current favorite treat is Fish Flakes. Have you tried those? YUM!

Anonymous said...

(yup - most kitties love the chunks & gravy. it makes the Lady very annoyed that we're so picky.)

Skeezix the Cat said...

Fansy Feest is THE BEST!!!! I like the Sliced Turkey in Gravey, but my big bruther Mao eets Grilled Beef in Gravy. Thoze are the best flayvers.