Sunday, June 10, 2007

Measuring Up

We are always using tape measures around the house, and simply extending the tape and slowly retracting it can keep Tanj occupied for at least an hour...

Oh boy, the tape measure.
Make it go!

Pleassseeee, make it goooooooo!

Grrrrrrr, I'm going to be baaad!

Maybe if I nudge it a little.

Now we're talking!

Hi, my little friend!

I'm a tall Tanji!

Hey, where are you going?

Don't hide from me!

Mooooommmmmm, make it go!!!

Uschi comes by to see what it
causing all of the excitement...

His face says it all:
"Uschi is not amused!"

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Anonymous said...

Uschi says, "Put a feather on the end of this and then I will show you some T-action".

Anonymous said...

hehe that last pic is classic "pft, thats it?"