Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Back To School

It had been many months since
the family went for a ride in the car, so
on Father's Day we decided the boys needed
a car/office adventure. We harnessed them up and

the family walked to the car.

Tanji was tentative,

and cried while Uschi posed.


Who is that?


I'm not sure about this.

Look my mouth is flat,...
(I'm unsure)

Ooooo what was that ?

"HEYYYY, what about meeeeeee ?!?"

What about you?

I'm feeling hot, stressed, and neglected.

I need a hug.

At work the boys exit via the trunk,

and walk on pavement and concrete.

After exploring our offices,

it is time to head home.

We'd rather not get back in the car,...

Come on boys,...

What a load of boys.

Are we almost home yet?

I've had enough of this adventure.

We deserve treats
for walking so well on the leashes.

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LZ said...

What an adventure! I'm glad you both got back home safely.


Daisy said...

What an exciting adventure! It looks like Tanji and Uschi walk very well on their leashes. I do not mind wearing my harness and leash, but my Mommie can't really "walk" me. She just holds onto the leash while I wander all around.

Emma's Kat said...

What an adventure! And what good boys you were.