Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Besides The Bengal Brothers

Besides the Bengal brothers,
we occasionally take pictures of
other subjects in the yard.

The "yard" has been really coming alive, over the past few years
since we started working to enhance the habitat,
by planting lots of trees and shrubs,
as well as leaving un-mowed areas,
and feeding the birds.

This summer we had

a Bullfrog living in the pond.

He was very bold,...

I was trying to splash him into action,
in the hopes of catching an
action shot of him jumping.

He just sat there watching me.



Finally he hopped over and ate one of the
little stones I tossed to make the splashes.

Finally, he got a little hot (I believe),
sitting on his rock,

and jumped in for a

refreshing swim.

We have a "few" birds that visit us,...

The goldfinches hang out waiting for food

as do the Brewer's Blackbirds,
and red-wing blackbirds.

I think you are sitting a little still,...

California quail (valley quail) showed up this year.
(also pheasants)

Of course another nice sunset.

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Diamond Emerald-Eyes said...

What a nice way to lure in lunch.

Daisy said...

I have to admit that I am a little scairt of the praying mantis. Because he has a mean face.