Thursday, October 25, 2007

Standard Bengal Day

Tanji looking like a big wild Bengal.

You can scruff my cheek.

I will scent this door.

Goldi-fin, you better not sneak-up on me,...

I'm watching you,...

This is my litter box,..

Uschi warmed-up before heading out,
where he

sat and watched

stalked,... and came back with

another big vole.

Back inside,...

Vladi is a total chow hound.
He yells for food and pushes the big boys away.

Then it is play time.

(The last two Vladi pictures are from his first day home)

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1 comment:

Diamond Emerald-Eyes said...

Voles is tastey, but I do not get as many of them as I used to. Where we used to live there were lots of voles. Here there is lots of rats. I just take whatever I can catch.