Monday, May 05, 2008

Goose Dock

Saturday morning we headed into work for a few hours,
and when we came home we found

two very large Canada geese near the new East pond.

We quietly snuck inside and went on-line to find out more about them. Apparently they like mowed grass (we have that), water (check), and sometimes a nesting platform out in the middle of water. So, a few hours later....

I was wheeling a new nesting platform out to the pond.

I built it 48"x50", large enough for both parents to sit on,
with a recommended 21" diameter 10" tall container
to build a nest and incubate eggs, complete with
"escape" door for any goslings.

Towing it out past the future tomato patch
and growing lupines...

On shore, time to launch the nesting platform.
It is real heavy,... will it float?

Carefully heading out to the middle of the pond.
It floats, it floats.

The floating platform will be held by two posts.

Pounding in one post...

and then the other.

A little extra pounding to lower both posts.

Adding some fresh grass to the nest box...

and a sprinkle of corn on shore to tempt the parents.

From a distance, this looks more like a boat launch,
so we have named it the "goose dock."

Needless to say, the geese have not been back since Saturday,
choosing instead to visit the field next door.

The boys spotted it immediately

What is that ?

Uschi sees it as his own private island,...

That is new !!

Who will get there first ?

Vladi checks all angles,...

I could swim for it,...

I'm outta' here,...

I know I can make it,....

The lonely Goose Dock waits for new residents.

We keep hearing them honk over head,
We rush to the window,...
but no return visitors yet.

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Daisy said...

I am so impressed! First, at your ingenuity, and secondly that you are caring enough to build that for the geese!

Unknown said...

How exciting. It would be wonderful if a pair chose your property to raise a family!!