Thursday, October 01, 2009

Fall Garden

Fall is descending on us with cool temperatures and shorter days, so we are enjoying the garden before the first frost mushes all the plants. The sunflowers are going to seed, the spaghetti squash are fully ripe, and the fall flowers are blazing. The boys are probably not interested in any of this, they are concentrated on the beasties running in and out of the garden.

Vladi is searching for "friends" in what used to be the spinach
patch, now overgrown with cosmos flowers.

Another great place to search for critters is the
strawberry bed that is still producing lots of berries.

U & V spot T, who is really much
more interesting than any old garden.

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Bengal Lady said...

Absolutely gorgeous! I do miss the beauty of the Pacific Northwest.

Pam said...

The garden looks wonderful and the bengals ar a nice touch
Pam, Kinny, Tessa and big Sam

Boss Bengal said...

your bengals are beautiful. Have you ever visited