Sunday, October 04, 2009

Taking it Easy

Uschi is still on high alert.

There has been such an out-pouring of affection, we are so thankful to know such nice people! Mark is feeling a bit better today, his right eye is a little less swollen and he was up around for a few hours this morning. However the other aches and pains of the crash are setting in too, so this was mostly a day of rest with the boys...

Uschi stayed close to Mark all day long.

He stared at Mark for minutes at a time.

Uschi hears something...

Its Vladi visiting Mark.

Knead, knead, knead.

Now he's really getting into it.

But then Vladi got too close to Mark's bad knee...

So it was time to mess with Uschi.

While Mark took his temperature,
Tanji waited for attention.

Now that's more like it!

Oops, too much fun.

Uschi wants to play too.

When Tanji left, Uschi sensed an opportunity...

He's wiggling on the chair,
nobody can resist the wiggle-worm.


Mark fell asleep and Tani kept an eye out for trouble.

T is falling asleep too.

Soon T, U, and Mark were sleeping while Vladi used up
his kitten-energy zipping around the room.

Tomorrow Mark gets his wrist looked at,
we'll see what the boys think about the new smells.

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Soikku said...

Parane pian, Mark! = Get well soon, Mark!

Even from the other side of the world it looks like he really had a bumpy road, ouch! With the three musket...nurses around him I think he will have it at least a bit more comfortable...T&U&V, take good care of Papa! :-)

Thank God for the helmet and what a wise man Mark is to use it, too!

((Hugs)) to all of you from stormy and rainy Finland!

Everycat said...

Poor Mark! He's getting very good tabby medicine from Dr. Uschi though, so we hope he feels much better soon.

Whicky Wuudler

LZ said...

Oh boy, I just caught up on your dad's accident! He sure has gone through quite the ordeal!! My Lap Lady rides a horse and she knows that injuries are inevitable that is just part of the risk in doing what you love. Helmets are good stuff!!! Keep purring on him, that helps a lot. I actually love surgery recovery time- it is the best for snuggles!


Bengal Lady said...

Glad to see you sitting up.

Sending purrs your way!