Saturday, October 31, 2009

Welcome Home

We went to On Safari last night in Portland with
Lesley's mom to see Kelli and all the Bengals.
We were gone for ~27hrs and both had
dreams about being away from the boys.
We both also admitted to having a dream
about a super mushy kitten Kelli had with her.

We felt guilty, so we stopped at PetStop and
got a BUNCH of food and some toys, we also
stopped at IKEA and ended up getting cat stuff.

Pathetic !!!

We arrived home to

Where were you ?

We are not pleased with you,...

Are you ready Uschi ?

I think this is the culprit,...

How do we zip this up?

I'm going to get you.



That was fun, I'm ready for more pouncing,...

Come and get me,...

Where did you go?

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1 comment:

Unknown said...

Poor Vladi! Those guys just don't like to indulge your whim of bag wrestling. I hope Mom or Dad picked you up and carried you around the house.