Thursday, April 26, 2012

Blue Powderhorn Home

In addition to becoming a two-car family,
we are also about to become a two-home family,
with the addition of the blue Powderhorn townhouse.
The offer has been accepted, and today was the
inspection for the mortgage, so we took lots of photos.

Wait, he is not an inspector, just a wanna be,... >;-) 

There are a lot of nice features like a large yard,
wood ceilings, granite counter-tops, powder room,
and a walk-in closet.
The boys would probably love to race on the wood floors
and zoom up and down the stairs, but they despise car rides,
so this may remain a cat-free zone for now.
So we took home a Vladi-cake to celebrate,
and Vladi ate lots of frosting.
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Silvia said...

wow, congrats! love the blue color!!

btw, after getting a double car and a double house, you now might also consider getting some "double bengals" just for the powderhorn home, as pendant to the 3 brothers U-T-V? ain't you?

Deven said...

Congratulations! Are your homes close or far apart?

Tanj,Uschi&Vladi said...

Not too far.

Kimmy said...


Bengal Lady said...

Oh, this looks like the perfect home for Skye. :-) Just kidding!!! Sort of....