Friday, April 20, 2012

Back in Action

After a tough month for our little family, some things have changed, hopefully for the better. All three boys have been doing great and we appreciate all of the support we've gotten from friends and family.  Now its time to enjoy the spring and get back in action...

 What tha'??
It's DaBird in the daisy patch!
The boys may look disinterested, but the
equal spacing says this pack is ready for action...
 Uschi likes to hug the ground,  

Any birds really close to the ground belong to Uschi.
Tanji loves to leap in the air.
Sometimes it looks like Tanji is out of control,

 But he usually sticks the landing.
Well, most of the time.

 Vladi has no control whatsoever.
 Vladi is all heart, but minimal eye-paw coordination.
 Go, Vladi, Go!

Uschi has had enough fun, he heads back to the house. 

Two tired browns watching their baby brother...
Vladi still has game, but its not long before...
He's a bit cross-eyed from fatigue.
Its time to put away DaBird for another day,
and its good to be back.

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Silvia said...

what a joyfull surprise this morning, discovering that the whole family is back and so "springingly" active !!
wish all of you much playing fun and a good time together!! and may the changes bring you good times.

warmest purrr-greetings to all of you

mcat said...

YEAAAAY ! glad to see you back in action -- we've been checking every day. max cat

Bonnie said...

Oh, soooooo glad you're back, and what a treat -- leaping Bengals!

Anonymous said...

AWESOME to see you guys back again! We were getting worried. Hope everyone is doing well!

Anonymous said...

Glad to see the gang back! We missed you all.

Bengal Lady said...

We have had you in our thoughts lately and glad you are back in action. We missed you!!