Saturday, April 21, 2012

Stars & Sunshine

Its a gorgeous sunny weekend, made even brighter
with the arrival of star necklaces from
LittleLoveLetterArts (Thanks, Danielle!) 

What did you get me?

Let's get this baby open!

A beautiful card at the top...

And stars!!!

A lucky clover in the clover patch...

 Looking beautiful perched on Uschi's fur
(sometimes he is VERY patient!)...

A gorgeous deep mystery star,
an incredibly sweet gift (big hugs D!)

 Super sparkly, there is a reason the boys
can't resist these stars.

Here's one now...

Vladi, you better not be licking that!

Like a Faberge Easter egg,
very cool!

For Tanji, a pegasus star, the perfect fit
for our junior-mint flying race horse.

Fit for a Greek goddess
(or a cat lady :)

A cute little kitten star for Usch,
he's fallen for the shiny beaded necklace.

 Hold still, we're trying to get a good photo here.

 Bengal cats, stars, and sunshine,
its practically summer here.

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Bengal Lady said...


Karen said...

It is so very good to see everyone back and living the good life!

There couldn't be a better way to spend your days than high flying & jumping and modelling beautiful stars.

Purrs and prayers that all is well with your family!

Deven said...

So glad to see you back and smiling. Hope everything is well with you and the boys. Enjoy the sunshine and keep telling us bengal stories. I love them (and the stars)!